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Series II - Nºs 14 and 15 - 2001 - Conferences Culture and Citizenship

as ii 14 e 15
ISSN: 0873-0628


Culture and Citizenship: New Maps of Experience and History
Álvaro Pina11

How to be a Global Citizen: Constructing Self Identity through Tourist Comsumption
Claudia Bell 15

To Love the Hateful, to honour the Despicable. British Women and Mental Subordination (1799)
Hélio Osvaldo Alves 25

"Jewish Criminals" as Types and Citizens: Belongingness, Alienation, and being Hip in the United States and Britain
Michael Berkowitz 39

Working Class Struggle for the Vote and Matthew Arnold's Culture without Citizenship
Maria João Ramos Pinheiro da Silva 51

"Don't be a Subject, be a Citizen". The case of Charter 88
José Francisco Fernandez Sanchez 63

The Conflict between Urban/Rural in Jewett's "A White Heron"
María Antonia Alvarez 73

Cyberculture, Digital Citizenship and Literary Curriculum
Manuel Frias Martins 83

From Real to Virtual: The Possible City
Maria João Pires 99

The City in Dorothy Richardson's Pilgrimage
María Francisca Llantada Díaz 105

Jobs for the Girls: Women, Comsuption and the Enterprising Self
Ann Gray 123

A Análise Cultural Contemporânea: Construção, Descontrução e uma Síntese Possível
Luísa Leal de Faria 143

On Being and Not Being a Citoyen: Some Reflections on Identity, Attachment, and Literature
Timothy Weiss 165

The Land, The Borders and the Patchwork: Metaphor for a Distinctive Identity
Teresa Ferreira de Almeida Alves 193

In Search of a Ground: The Idea(s) of Culture in Salman Rushdie's The Ground Beneath Her Feet
Paula Sofia Sampaio 203

On Love, Marriage and Modernity: Feminism and Citizenship in Late Ottoman and Early Republican Turkey
Reina Lewis 215

The Small Corners, Stories, Children and Citizenship
Maria Margarida Morgado 241

'Learn from your Fathers, Not From your Children'- a Victorian Claim on Citizenship
Iolanda Freitas Ramos 257

The Critical Study of a Foreign Culture and Citizenship Education
Manuela Guilherme 265

Blurred Citizenships. The Press, Pierre Bérégovoy and the Ambiguities of Citizenship
Erik Neveu 275

Ideological, Political, and Career Choices in Finnish Political Memoirs
Asko Maki 303

The Commonplaces of Political Autobiography: a Deviating Case
Matti Hyvärinen 315

Politics and Popular Film: The Portrayal of Northern English Cultural Values and the Impact of Tatcherism
Stephen Ingle 331

The Culture and Citizenship Project
Álvaro Pina 359

Culture and Citizenship
Adelaide Meira Serras 361

Citizenship and the Idea of Happiness
Luísa Leal de Faria 363

Gender and Empire
Maria Teresa Malafaia 365

Citizenship and Revolution
Valdemar A. Ferreira 367

Individualism and Rights
J. Carlos Viana Ferreira 369

The Raymond Williams Seminar
Álvaro Pina 373


Que Horizonte de Expectativa para King Lear?
Maria Helena de Paiva Correia 377

Figurações da Violência em Quartert de Jean Rhys
Joana Vidigal 401




University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies (ULICES)

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