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Series II – Nº 21 – 2004 – Culture and Freedom: Cultures of Otherness

as ii 21
ISSN: 0873-0628


Marketing The Modern Empire: Elizabeth II And The 1953-54 World Tour
Ruth Feingold 11

Facing “Otherness” In Gordimer’s Later Fiction
Natividad Martínez Marín 27

The Theme Of Freedom Vs Love In “The Story Of An Hour”, By Kate Chopin
Maria Antonia Alvarez Calleja 41

Cultural Margins In Jean Rhys’s Smile Please
Nóra Séllei 53

Irene Adler Is Married. Portrait Of A Woman As A Cultural Reference
Maria Antonieta Correia 71

Madame Chrysanthème And M. Butterfly: Eroticism In The Colonial Encounter
Vítor Antunes 85

The Stones Of Sacrifice — Who Is Afraid Of Them?
Marília Martins Gil 97

Ramabai’s Stri Dharma Niti (Morals For Women): The Quest For Hindu Women’s Freedom?
Maria Isabel Cruz 109

The Role Of Intercultural Communication And Interaction In Modern Languages Departments
Manuela Guilherme 117

Educated To Be Free … Bertrand And Dora Russell’s “Extraordinary” Attempt At Contributing To Social Reform In The 1920's
Michaela Schwarz-Santos Gonçalves Henriques 139

Between Heaven And The Garden: Some Female Roles In The Victorian Age
Iolanda Freitas Ramos 157

The Politics Of Freedom In American Culture Studying The Classics: Willa Cather And The Production Of An American Identity
Lisbeth S. Fuisz 173

Collective Stories: Individual Rights Vs National Needs In World War II Propaganda Films
Francisco Ponce 187

Lighting Out For The New Frontier: Culture And Freedom In Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
Dan Fyfe 197




University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies (ULICES)

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