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Hermínia Maria Pimenta Ferreira Sol

Research Group: American Studies (RG 3)
Professional Title:
 Associate Professor
Academic Degrees:
(2013) Ph.D. in American Literature, U Coimbra; (2005) Post-graduation in American Studies, U Aberta; (2000). MA in Women’s Studies, U Limerick; (1997) Four-year degree in Modern Languages and Cultures, Portuguese and English Studies, U Coimbra. 
Institutional Address:
 CEAUL - Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa, Alameda da Universidade, 1600-214 Lisboa
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Main Achievements:

  • (2013). The Impossible Fusion of Horizons: The theme of the journey in Paul Bowles’s short fiction (Supervisor: Graça Capinha, U Coimbra, Co-supervisor: Jacinta Matos, U Lisboa), U Coimbra (Ph.D. in American Literature). Summa cum Laude. Jan.
  • (2009). Graduate Student Caucus Travel Award 2009, for: “Ways to Tell Tales. Bowles’s American words and Blaufuks’s Portuguese pictures” in the 40th Anniversary Convention, Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) in Boston, MA.

Research Outputs

Publications in peer reviewed journals and/or other publications:

  • (2009). “‘Em meses de inverneira, histórias à lareira’: provérbios e dizeres enquanto transmissores de valores culturais e de identidade.” Cultures Littéraires: nouvelles performances & développement, numéro spécial de Carnets. (Fall/Winter).

Books and book chapters of international circulation:

  • (2008). “Os quadros das narrativas: as artes plásticas em The Wings of the Dove.” In Mário Jorge Torres (Ed.) Não vi o livro, mas li o filme. Ribeirão: Húmus, 453-465.

Chapters in books, including contributions to conference proceedings, contributions to festschriften, essays in collections:

  • (2011). "A influência das 'luzes' na educação das mulheres portuguesas." In Irene Tomé et al.(Eds.) Olhares sobre as mulheres. Lisboa: CESNOVA.

Audio/visual and electronic/digital materials:

  • (2010). Dir. and prod. of photo-documentary “The pleasant feeling of being in a more innocent age: Paul Bowles’s impressions on Portugal”, premiered in Int. Conf. Do You Bowles?

Other categories, including web based resources, video and audio recordings (to the extent that they embody research):

  • (2012-…). Portuguese dictionary of American Studies, ULICES/CEAUL. Collaborator.

Organisation of scientific dissemination activities:

  • (2010). Org. Committee Int. Conf. Do You Bowles? (Co-org: ADuarte), ULICES, 21-23 Oct.

Other activities

Presentations in international conferences

By invitation:

  • (2013). “The Politics of Dark Tourism: the legitimation of popular American myths.” Eszterházy Károly College, Hungary, 22 Apr.
  • (2008). “The Danger of Stereotypes in Tourism Promotion.” Katholieke Hogeschool de Mechelen, Belgium,17 Apr.


  • (2009). “Ways to Tell Tales. Bowles’ American words and Blaufuks’ Portuguese Pictures.” 40th Conference of the Northeast Modern Language Association, Boston, 28 Feb-1 Mar.

Comunicações apresentadas em conferências nacionais


  • (2012). “Viva Las Vegas! City, Stage and City-Stage in Francis Ford Coppola's One from the Heart” (Co-auth: Luísa Sol). Int. Conf. Changing Times: Performances and Identities on Screen, U Lisboa, 7-9 Nov.
  • (2011). "Humorous Connections: Poetry and Illustration in Dorothy Parker's 'Figures in Popular Literature.'" 32nd Annual APEAA Conference, U Coimbra, 12-14 May.
  • (2009). “You know how it is with them: representations of blackness in Welty’s “Powerhouse” and in Bowles’s “Sylvie Ann, the Boogie Man.” Int. Conf 
  • (2009). Post-Racial America: Has the USA moved beyond the Race Issue?, U Lisboa, 6-12 Nov.
  • (2008). “‘Em meses de inverneira, histórias à lareira’: provérbios e dizeres enquanto transmissores de valores culturais e de identidade.” Int. Colloquium Culturas Literárias: Novas Performances & Desenvolvimento, U Aveiro, 2-3 Oct.
  • (2008). “A Natural Born Drifter: Paul Bowles’s Writings as Diasporic Spaces.” Int. Conf. From Brazil to Macao: Travel Writing and Diasporic Spaces, CEAUL/ULICES, 10-14 Sep.

Future research:

  • (2013). “The Political Tourist Gaze. A portrayal of American Foreign Policy in Salman Rushdie’s The Jaguar Smile. A Nicaraguan Journey.” Int. Conf. for Academic Disciplines, American U of Rome, Oct.
  • (2014). “Malika’s Grand Tour. Destiny and Destinations in Paul Bowles’ ‘Here to Learn.’” In Anne Richards & Iraj Omidvar (Eds.) Eastern Travellers in the West. NY: Syracuse U Press. Spring/Summer (To be published).
  • (2015/ 2016). Photo-documentary “The pleasant feeling of being in a more innocent age’: Paul Bowles’s impressions on Portugal” (To be released in int. documentary film festivals).
  • (Spring/Summer 2016). “The pleasant feeling of being in a more innocent age’: As impressões de Paul Bowles sobre Portugal. Coimbra: Almedina.




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