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Maria José Pereira Pires
Research Group: Estudos Ingleses: Literatura (GI 1) e Estudos Ingleses: Cultura (GI2) (collaborator)
Professional Title: Assistant Professor
Academic Degrees: PhD
Institutional Address: Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Turismo do Estoril, Av. Condes de Barcelona, 2769-510 Estoril.
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Research Projects:

  • (2012-…). RG 1 – English Studies: Literature. (CEAUL). Researcher.
  • (2012-…). RG 2 – English Studies: Culture. (CEAUL). Collab.
  • (2013-...). Bibliotecas e Formação do Cânone – O Caso do Inglês nas Colecções da Biblioteca da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa. (Scient. Coord.: TMalafaia and APinheiroS – CEAUL). Researcher (for twentieth century narrative).

Main Achievements:

  • (2013). “Dealing with Appetites. Angela Carter’s Fiction” (Supervisor: APinheiroS, U Lisboa), U Lisboa (Ph.D. in Literature and Culture Studies - Food Cultural Studies). Summa cum Laude. Jan.

Research Outputs

Publications in peer reviewed journals and/or other publications:

  • (2008). “Qual o interesse em contar histórias que nem sequer são verdadeiras?” Perspectivas Interdisciplinares da Comunicação – Caleidoscópio, Revista de Comunicação e Cultura. Nr. 8.

Books and book chapters of international circulation:

  • (2012). “The Moral Right of Food: Angela Carter’s ‘Food Fetishes’.” In Sonya Andermahr and Lawrence Philips (Eds.) Angela Carter: New Critical Readings. London/New York: Continuum Publishing Corporation.
  • (2008). “Facing Difference: Angela Carter's Petrified Harvest.” In Durrin Alpakin Martinez-Caro (Ed.) Angela Carter and Her Work. Ankara: Department of Foreign Language Education, Faculty of Education, Middle East Technical U.

Conference proceedings:

  • (2007). “If sack and sugar be a fault, God help Falstaff!” Novos Caminhos da História e da Cultura. Actas do 27.º Encontro da APEAA. Lisboa: Editorial Minerva, 537-544.
  • (2004). “Marcas da tradição clássica em The Battle of the Books.” Anais – Série Línguas e Literaturas. Vol. III. Lisboa: U Autónoma Lisboa, 163-178.

Chapters in books, including contributions to conference proceedings, essays in collections:

  • (2015). “Irreverence and recreation of ‘bacalhau’, the Portuguese faithful friend”. In MPires (Ed.) Tasting Cultures. Thoughts for Food. EBook. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press, 13-26.
  • (2015). ASousa, MJPires, TMalafaia. “Os Caminhos da Perfeição Humana. Continuidades e Descontinuidades”. In LFlora et al. (Coord.) Fernando de Mello Moser: Um Tributo. Lisboa: FLUL, 87-100.
  • (2014). “Calling for a Thought on Food in Anglo-American Studies”. Revista Anglo Saxónica. Ser. III N.8. Lisboa: CEAUL, 85-99.
  • (2013). “An Involuntary Apprenticeship in the Interpretation of Japan”. In ASousa et al. (Eds.) Do Brasil a Macau: Narrativas de Viagens e Espaços de Diáspora. Lisboa: CEAUL, 595-606.
  • (2009). “Angela Carter’s uncontaminated renegotiation and redefinition of values.” In LFlora et al. (Eds.) Studies in Identity. Lisboa: Edições Colibri / CEAUL.
  • (2007). “Frida Kahlo, the wounded flesh made sign.” In APinheiroS, ACorreia and TMalafaia (Eds.) A Palavra e a Imagem. Lisboa: CEAUL, 67-81.

Other activities

Presentations in international conferences


  • (2015). “World Cultures in English(es). An interactive tool promoting literacy and social inclusion.” Alcinda Pinheiro de Sousa, Pedro Estácio e Teresa Malafaia, The Thirteenth International Conference on Books, Publishing, and Libraries, Vancouver, Canada, 19-20 Oct.
  • (2015). “Conventual Sweets. A culinary journey to innovation.” Cláudia Viegas e Nelson Félix, 4th Global Conference Making Sense of: Food – Inter-Disciplinary.Net, Mansfield College, Oxford, 15-17 Sep.
  • (2014). “World Cultures in English at the School of Arts and Humanities Library, University of Lisbon: The Communication Platform Architecture and Its Critical Analysis.” Alcinda Pinheiro de Sousa, Pedro Estácio e Teresa Malafaia, The Twelfth International Conference on Books, Publishing, and Libraries - Disruptive Technologies and the Evolution of Book Publishing and Library Development, Boston, USA, 8-9 Nov.
  • (2014). “Irreverence and recreation of ‘Bacalhau’, the Portuguese faithful friend.” 3rd Global Conference Making Sense of: Food – Inter-Disciplinary.Net, Mansfield College, Oxford, 15-17 Sep.
  • (2014). “Breaking Bread with Museu do Pão.” 3rd International Congress UNITWIN Network UNESCO Congress “Culture, Tourism, Development”: Tourism and Gastronomy Heritage. Foodscapes, Gastroregions and Gastronomy Tourism, Universidade de Barcelona, 17-18 Jun.
  • (2013). “The creative imagery world of food in Angela Carter’s ‘The Kitchen Child’.” 2nd Global Conference Making Sense of: Food, Inter-Disciplinary.Net, Grécia, 6 Nov.
  • (2013). “Dealing with the two sides of the food crisis in Lisbon.” Intern. Conf. Foodscapes: Access to food – Excess of Food, University of Graz, Áustria, 24-25 Set.
  • (2012). “A cannibal forest full of perils: Angela Carter and the dynamic role of food in the 1970s.” 3rd Meeting British Sociological Association – Food & Society, British Library, London, 2-3 Jul.
  • (2012). “‘The Kitchen Child’: In-between delicious odours and appetizing sounds.” In-betweenness in Angela Carter’s Short Narratives, U Angers, 3 Feb.
  • (2012). “Looking at Themselves / Looking at Food in Angela Carter’s The Passion of New Eve”, Food Networks: Gender and Foodways, U Notre Dame, USA, 27-29 Jan.
  • (2009). “The moral right of food. Accept no substitutes.” Angela Carter: A Critical Exploration, U Northampton and UKNMFS, 5-6 Jun.

Presentations in national conferences


  • (2015). “House museums: From Personal to Collective Memory”. 4th International Forum on Guided Tours, ESHTE, Estoril, 18-21 Mar.
  • (2015). “Inter-Literary|Cultural Tourisms in English and Portuguese.” Alcinda Pinheiro de Sousa, XXXVI Encontro da APEAA (Re)Shapping the Humanities, UTAD, 26-28 Mar.
  • (2015). “Turismos Inter-literários/culturais em Inglês e Português.” Alcinda Pinheiro de Sousa, Conferência Internacional Literatura, Viagens e Turismo Cultural no Brasil, em França e em Portugal, U Lisboa, 19-21 Jan.
  • (2014). “Os Caminhos da Perfeição Humana. Continuidades e Descontinuidades.” Alcinda Pinheiro de Sousa e Teresa Malafaia, Tributo Prof. Fernando de Mello Moser, U Lisboa, 10 Dec.
  • (2014). “From Kitchen to Table: Changing patterns with the Victorians”, 2nd International Conference The Victorian Household: Power, Policies, Practices, U Lisboa, 26-28 Nov.
  • (2014). “The Magic Toyshop: Crystalising the menace of the story into concrete images.” Conferência Screening English Classics: Methods and Strategies in Film Adaptation, U Lisboa, 26-27 Jan.
  • (2013). “All this from a pepperpot! Combining Flavours in The Moor’s Last Sigh.” Conferência Internacional Swallowing a World. Salman Rushdies in the 21st Century, U Lisboa, 9 Nov.
  • (2013). “A Thought for Food in Anglo-American Studies.” XXXIV Encontro da APEAA Academy as Community. English and American Studies in Portugal and Europe, U Lisboa, 9 May.
  • (2013). “A Thought for Food in Anglo-American Studies.” Academy as Community, 34th Annual APEAA Conference, U Lisboa, 9-10 May.
  • (2011). “Estudos de Comida e Cultura: uma transgressão académica?” 20th Anniversary of Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Turismo do Estoril, 17 May.
  • (2011). “Crossing academic boundaries. Food-Cultural Studies.” Current Debates in English and American Studies, 32nd Annual APEAA Conference, U Coimbra, 12-13 May.
  • (2010). “The land where the tomato woman would like to live.” Geographies of the Self, 31st Annual APEAA Conference, U Aberta/Sociedade Geográfica de Lisboa/Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Turismo do Estoril, 15-16 Apr.
  • (2009). “The kind of meals of which dreams are made.” Self, Memory and Expression, 30th Annual APEAA Conference, U Porto, 21-22 Feb.
  • (2008). “An Involuntary Apprenticeship in the Interpretation of Japan.” Conf. From Brazil to Macao. Travel Writing and Diasporic Spaces/Do Brasil a Macau: Narrativas de Viagens e Espaços de Diáspora, U Lisboa, 12-13 Sep.
  • (2006). “If sack and sugar be a fault, God help Falstaff!” Crossroads of History and Culture, 27th Annual APEAA Conference, U Nova Lisboa, 27  Apr.
  • (2006). “What is the use of stories that aren’t even true?” 4th Int. Conf. Language, Communication, Culture, U Lusófona, 28-30 Nov.

Organisation of scientific dissemination activities:

  • (2016) Org. Committee Em Memória da Grande Guerra: Re-Trabalhando Mitos, U Lisboa, CEAUL/ULICES, 13-14 Nov.
  • (2016) Org. Committee The Street and the City – Awakenings, U Lisboa, CEAUL/ULICES; ESHTE, 14-15 April.
  • (2015) Org. (ESC) Turismo e Gastronomia: Da Ciência à Arte. U Lisbon, CEAUL/ULICES; ESHTE; Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Ciência Viva, 27 Jun | 4 Jul.
  • (2014) Org. Committee Turismo, Cultura e Desenvolvimento. Sociedade e Universidade em Diálogo, U Lisboa, CEAUL/ULICES, 20 Feb.
  • (2014). Org. Committee Screening English Classics, U Lisboa, CEAUL/ULICES, 26-27 Jan.
  • (2013). Org. Committee Salman Rushdie in the 21st Century: Swallowing a World, U Lisboa, CEAUL/ULICES, 6-9 Nov.

Future Research:

  • (2016). (forthcoming) “Conventual Sweets. A Culinary Journey to Innovation”. EBook. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press.
  • (2016). (forthcoming) CViegas, NFélix, MJPires “An Encomium of Bacalhau. The Portuguese Emblem of a Gastronomic Symphony”. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press.
  • (2016). (forthcoming) AInácio, MJPires. “Turismo Enogastronómico em Portugal: hábitos do passado, caminhos com futuro”. In FSilva, JUmbelino (Eds.) Planeamento e desenvolvimento turístico.



University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies (ULICES)

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