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Série II - Nº 20 – 2003 - Colóquios Culture and Nation (Part Two)

ISSN: 0873-0628


English Female Humanist Scholars: Role In The Reformation Of The Church
Maria Zina Abreu 11

A Hero For All Seasons Or, Signs Of The Times: Robin Hood From Republican To Restoration England
Miguel Alarcão 39

Who Are “We”? Rethinking Recognition
Margaret Heller 53

“A Jumble Of Dreams”: ‘Dis-Ease’, Fantasy And The Subject Of Nationhood In Tayeb Salih’s Season Of Migration To The North
Maurizio Calbi 69

Toward A New Revolution: Caribbean Writers Exorcise The Colonial Impulse
Toby Rose 83

Locating Value: Value And Evaluation In Cultural Studies
John Storey 99

Session 4 — Part One
Álvaro Pina 115

British Working Class Academics And Autobiography: The Cultural Context
Michael Rosenfeld 119

Why Language Matters: Working-Class Exclusion In Inclusive National Education
Édia Cristina Pinho 131

Session 4 — Part Two
Álvaro Pina 141

The Recalcitrant Nation Of Seven Brothers
Matti Hyvärinen 143

Community Or The Concrete Place Of Belonging In William Morris’s News From Nowhere
Ana Isabel Correia Lopes 153

Mapping Critical Pedagogic Culture. From The National Residual Teacher-Centred Syllabuses To The Supranational Emergent Student-Centred Curricula
Manuel Gama Leal 165


The Language Of Rogues And Vagabonds In The Cony-Catching Pamphlets Fco.
Javier Sánchez Escribano 185

O “Rasto Luminescente”: Algumas Notas Sobre Tradução, Tempo E Espaço
Rui Carvalho Homem 213


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Centro de Estudos Anglísticos da Universidade de Lisboa (CEAUL)

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