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English Summer Courses 2013


Date:  June - July
Venue: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa
Organisation: CEAUL

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Nos próximos meses de Junho e Julho, o CEAUL irá proceder à sua habitual oferta de Cursos de Verão (English Summer Courses – ESC). A lista completa será oportunamente disponibilizada, no sítio do Centro (http://www.ulices.org), com indicação de creditação. Cada curso dispõe de 20 vagas, estando já confirmados os seguintes:

ESC # 19
Narrative and Medicine - Reading: The Text of the Body, the Body of the Text

Abstract: This course articulates several interdisciplinary components such as literature, yoga, theater, the performance arts, and other communicative facets of the human experience. With the aim of reading the body, this convergence of different types of knowledge, techniques, and resources will be at the service of a theoretical and practical approach, based on experimental exercises. We will address several aspects of the body, such as breathing, voice, gesture, rhythm, and other factors that potentiate meaning and define the way we present and represent ourselves, and the way we relate with ourselves and with others.

To explore the interactive process between multiple dimensions of corporality, from the material to the discursive, through the more subtle energetic fields, we will use i) literary reading principles and techniques; ii) strategies borrowed from theatrical practice; iii) yoga inspired exercises. We thus want to create the possibility to decipher and express our body and the other’s, with special emphasis on the contexts of clinical and/or pedagogical experience.

Trainers: Maria de Jesus Reis Cabral (CLP - FLUC) e Diana Almeida (CEAUL, UL)
Length: 25 hours
Language: Portuguese
Dates: July 22 to 26 (15h00 - 19h00) and 27 (9h00 - 13h00)
Fee: 150 euros (students: 110 euros)
Enrollment Deadline: July 12


ESC # 20
Summer Course on Audiovisual Translation: Subtitling

Abstract: This summer course was designed to meet the needs of translators intending to work in audiovisual Translation. It offers an introduction to Subtitling and Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH). Aiming at translators with no subtitling practice, the course offers an initial contact with the subtitling program SPOT and the subtitling of different films and television programmes. The course is structured the following way:

Part I: Subtitling practice (9h)

Part II: Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (6h)

Trainers: Sara Ramos Pinto (CEC-UL, University of Turku – Finland) and Catarina Xavier (CEAUL).
Length: 15 hours
Language: Portuguese
Dates: June 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28  (18h00-21h00)
Fee: 120 euros (students: 90 euros)
Enrollment deadline: June 14


ESC # 21
Translating with Authors

Abstract: Integrated in an ongoing collaborative translation project of Luso-American Literature (PEnPAL in Translation, www.penpalintranslation.yolasite.com), this workshop will focus on the theoretical issues of translation and diaspora and on practical problems and strategies arising from the translations of texts. Some of the authors will be available to discuss intercultural issues, textual elements and translation choices with the students, through a connection with the upcoming International Conference on the Luso-American Experience "Neither Here Nor There, Yet Both".

Trainers: Isabel Oliveira Martins, Margarida Vale de Gato and Rui Azevedo
Length: 12 hours
Language: English
Dates: July 2, 9h30-13h30; July 4 and 9, 10h00-13h00; July 12, 14h45-16h45 
Fee: 100 euros (students: 75 euros)
Enrollment Deadline: June 21


ESC # 22
Parallel Worlds: On Science Fiction and Fantasy

Abstract: This course aims at promoting the analysis and the debate on works of Science Fiction and Fantasy on literature and on screen. The sessions will explore relevant thematic perspectives concerning these fictional genres. 

Trainers: Adelaide Meira Serras, Angélica Varandas, José Duarte, José Varandas, Ana Rita Martins and Iolanda Zorro (CEAUL, UL)
Length: 12 hours
Language: Portuguese
Dates: June 17-24, 18h00-20h00
Fee: 100 euros (students: 75 euros)
Enrollment Deadline: June 7



University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies (ULICES)

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