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Cristina Frois de Figueiredo Baptista Cavaco

Research Group: English Studies: Culture (RG 2)
Professional Title: Researcher
Academic Degrees: (2011). PhD in Language and Culture, English Studies, U Lisboa. 
Institutional Address: CEAUL - Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa, Alameda da Universidade, 1600-214 Lisboa
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Webpage: http://sites.google.com/site/cerejasdejunho

Research Projects:

  • (2011-...). Libraries and Canon-Formation. (Coord. TMalafaia). Researcher.
  • (2009-...). The British Empire. Ideology, Perspectives and Perceptions. (Scient. Coord. LLFaria, CEAUL/ULICES). Researcher.

Main Achievements:

  • (2011). “Mulheres na Sombra. Great Victorian women behind great Victorian men,” (Supervisor: TMalafaia, U Lisboa), U Lisboa, (Ph.D. in Literature and Culture, English Studies). Distinction. 15 Apr.

Research Outputs

Publications in peer reviewed journals and/or other publications:

  • (2008). “De Harry Coomer a Hari Kumar. A Raj nostalgia e o tradutor de Macaulay num personagem de Paul Scott”. Anglo-Saxonica. Series II. Nr. 26: 167-196.

Chapters in books, including contributions to conference proceedings, contributions to festschriften, essays in collections:

  • (2011). “Empire and cultural appropriation. African artifacts and the birth of museums.” In ASerras (Ed.) Empire Building and Modernity. U Lisboa: ULICES, 9-19.
  • (2011). “Great Victorian women behind Great Victorian men, Mulheres na Sombra.” In ACoelho, JDuarte (Eds.) A Jangada de Ulisses. U Lisboa: ULICES, 79-85.
  • (2010). “Colonial Pictures. The Raj identities and authority.” In CVFerreira and TMalafaia (Eds.) Problematizar o Império / Visualizing The Empire. U Lisboa: ULICES, 149-159.

Organisation of scientific dissemination activities:

  • (2012). Org. Committee of Int. Conf. Salman Rushdie in the 21st Century: Swallowing a world, U Lisboa, 7-9 Nov.
  • (2012). Org. Committee of Conf. Victorians Like Us. Memory, dialogues and trends. U Lisboa, 21-23 Nov.
  • (2010). Org. Committee of Conf. Empire Building and Modernity. U Lisboa, 6-7 Dec.
  • (2011). Org. Committee of Conf. Reviewing Imperial Conflicts. U Lisboa, 26-28 Oct.
  • (2009). Org. Committee of Conf. The British Empire. Ideology, Perspectives, Perceptions. U Lisboa, 21-Apr-26 May.

Other activities

Presentations in international conferences:

  • (2013). “Cornelia Sorabji. A Transcultural Experience.” Conf. Transcultural Imaginaries, a Moving Worlds Conference, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Nanyang Technical U, Singapore, 14-17 Jun.

CPresentations in national conferences:

  • (2012). “Money and talent. Charles Dickens and the copyright debate.” International Seminar Victorians Like Us. Memories, Dialogues and Trends, U Lisboa, 22 Nov.
  • (2012). “De Garnett a Guillory. Três perspetivas sobre o cânone.” Int. Conf. Textos em Viagem. Viagens entre Textos, org. Libraries in the canon-formation Project, U Lisboa, 28-9 Sep.
  • (2011). “Shall I come in? Conflict and gender in Cornelia Sorabji’s (work as legal defender and) writings.” Int. Conf. Reviewing Imperial Conflicts, U Lisboa, 26-28 Oct.
  • (2010). “Empire and cultural appropriation. African artifacts and the birth of museums.” Int. Conf.  Empire Building and Modernity, U Lisboa 6-7 Dec.
  • (2009). “Colonial Pictures. The Raj, identities and authority.” Int. Conf. The British Empire. Ideology, Perspectives, Perceptions, U Lisboa, 21 Apr-26-May.

Future research:

  • (2013-14). (Co-ed. AMendes). Reviewing Imperial Conflicts. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • (2013-14). (Co-ed. CGomes, Maria Emília Fonseca) Três Anos de Império. Memórias do GI2. Lisboa: ULICES. (forthcoming).
  • (2013). “India Calling. Relatos de Viagens na Autobiografia de Cornelia Sorabji.” Proceedings of the Conf. From Brazil to Macao: Travel Writing and Diasporic Spaces.  U Lisboa, (forthcoming).
  • (2014). Org. Committee Conf. Victorians Like Us. Memory, dialogues and trends, second edition (ULICES), U Lisbon.
  • (2015). Research Project: “Culture, Globalisation, Democracy. The UK and the World.” Researcher and Co-Responsible for the Project’s dissemination. (Co-submitters: CGomes, ESilva, Maria Emília Fonseca).




University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies (ULICES)

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