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Série II - Nºs 12 e 13 - 2000 - Colóquios Culture, Education, Identity

as ii 12 e 13
ISSN: 0873-0628


Culture, Education, Identity: Articulations and Rearticulations of the Conference Theme
Álvaro Pina11

The Social Construction of Identities in and by Pedagogic Discursive Practices
Emília Ribeiro Pedro 15

High Culture and Social Redemption: Thomas Davidson on Education and Society in Late Victorian Britain and America
Michael Rosenfeld 23

English Studies Today
Timothy Weiss 35

A Discourse Analytic Comparison of 'This Life' and 'Eastenders'.
John Wheatley 45

Fashion Label, Catwalk, and Writing: Making Sense of Generation X
Terezinha Fonsecas 61

Culture, Education and Identity in William Morris's News from Nowhere
Fátima Vieira 71

Individualism and Identity
J. Carlos Viana Ferreira 79

How do I Write Myself as a Child? Culture, Memory and Children's Identities
Margarida Morgado 85

Identities at Risk: The Culture of Nuclearism
Stuart Allan 97

Appropriate Methodologies for Teaching and Learning in a Portuguese University: A Perspective from English for Specific Academic Purposes.
Sally Mavor 117

Whose English? Authenticity in the Foreign Language Classroom
Vicky Hartnack 129

Training the Trainers: European Perspectives on Teacher Education
Thomas J. Grigg 143

Accented English: Nineteenth-Century Anglo-Indian Childcare
Dara Tomlin Rossmans 151

When the Time is the Issue: The Hasards of the (im)possible Dialogue between Two Cultures in John Wyndham's Consider Her Ways
Maria Salomé Machado 165

Merit or Manners. An Approach of Lord Chesterfield's Letters
Adelaide Meira Serras 173

Education, Manners, Civilization
Valdemar de Azevedo Ferreira 181

Victorian Identities: The Stunners' Unheard Voices
Maria Teresa de Ataíde Malafaia 189

Constructing a Collective Memory: Women's Political Writings in the 1930s
Maria João Pires 195

Powerful Fictions of Feminine Identities: Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye, Jeanette Winterson's Oranges are Not the Only Fruit and Margaret Atwood's Cat's Eye
Maureen McNeil 205

Epiphanies as Manifestations of Identity in May Sinclair's Mary Olivier
Maria Francisca Llantada Diaz 227

Abjection and Gender in a Female Bildungsroman: The Hypothetical Union
Nuria Capdevila 245

Learning from Literacy Practices at the Threshold Level
Alcinda de Sousa 255

A Comparative Study of the Educational Policies in Tatcherite England and Contemporary France and Some of their Ideological Implications
Nada Afiouni 269

To Govern or not to Govern
Joaquim Nascimento 281

Innovations in Elt in Croatia
Mirjana Bautovicand Branka Liebhardf- Šupe 299

Mapping the Colonies. The Portuguese Explorers and the Definition of Frontiers in Africa, 1876-1886
Luísa Leal de Faria 311

Death of a Princess
Jim McGuigan 327


Lexicografia Contrastiva na Tradução: Subsídio para um Projecto em Curso
Júlia Dias Ferreira 353

Experiências do Eden em Charles Tomlinson: Uma Leitura
Maria Adelaide de Castro Ramos 365


Centro de Estudos Anglísticos da Universidade de Lisboa (CEAUL)

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