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ESC#46: Medievalismo: A Idade Média no Mundo Moderno


ESC#46: Medievalism: The Middle Ages in the Modern World

Date: 19 - 27 June, 2017
School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon


Duration: 14h

4 pm – 6 pm | room 6.1

Abstract: Considering concept of Medievalism, this course aims at promoting a reflection on the appropriation of the Middle Ages in the modern world, since the 19th century until today. Thus, we propose to see how the Middle Ages are used, interpreted and understood by Lecturers: Adelaide Meira Serras (FLUL/ULICES), Ana Paiva Morais (FSCH/IELT), Ana Rita Martins (FLUL/ULICES), Angélica Varandas (FLUL/ULICES), Diana Marques (ULICES), José Varandas (FLUL/CH), Pedro Gomes Barbosa (FLUL/CH)

Scientific Coordination: Prof. Doutora Teresa Cid; Prof. Doutora Angélica Varandas (FLUL/CEAUL), Prof. Doutora Adelaide Meira Serras (FLUL/CEAUL), Prof. Doutor José Varandas (FLUL/CH) e Prof. Doutor Pedro Barbosa (FLUL/CH)

Fees: 40€ regular fee | 15€ students | 20€ faculty and staff

Course contents and aims:

  • C. S. Lewis: O ocaso da medievalidade (Adelaide Meira Serras)
  • Mutações do mito na Idade Média (Ana Paiva Morais)
  • A cavalaria medieval no cinema (Ana Rita Martins)
  • Introdução ao Medievalismo (Angélica Varandas)
  • O (neo)medievalismo de A Song of Ice and Fire (Diana Marques)
  • Reinventando castelos medievais (José Varandas)
  • Medievalismo nos romances de época (Pedro Barbosa)


Adelaide Meira Serras is an Auxiliary Professor with Tenure in the Department of English Studies of FLUL where she teaches about English medieval culture as well as English culture from the 17th to the 21st centuries. She has written various articles on Enlightenment, the 18th-century political and ideological paradigm, the gender question, and science fiction. | Ana Paiva Morais is an Associated Professor with Tenure at FCSH, in the Nova University of Lisbon, as well as a researcher in the Literature and Tradition Studies Institute (IELT). Her research areas are French and Portuguese medieval literature, especially medieval fables. | Ana Rita Martins is an English lecturer at the School of Arts and Humanities, Univ. of Lisbon, and a PhD student at ULICES. She holds a BA in English Studies, an MA in Medieval English Literature and is currently working on her PhD in Middle English Popular Romance. Her main research interests include Arthurian legend, medievalism, monsters, and fantasy and sci-fi. | Angélica Varandas is an Auxiliary Professor with Tenure in the Department of English Studies of FLUL where she teaches English Linguistics as well as Medieval Culture. She has written various articles on medieval literature and culture and two books on Celtic mythology, namely: Mitos e Lendas Celtas: Irlanda and Mitos e Lendas Celtas: País de Gales. | Diana Marques has a Master’s Degree in English and American studies with a dissertation on English medieval literature and culture. She is a Ph.D. student at CEAUL, a University of Lisbon Grantee, and she is currently working on her project about Fantasy literature. | José Varandas is an Auxiliar Professor at FLUL where he completed his PhD in 2005 with the dissertation: «Bonus Rex» ou «Rex Inutilis». As Periferias e o Centro. Redes de Poder no Reinado de D. Sancho II (1223-1248). His main research interests include: Medieval History, Military History, Rural History and History of the Navy. | Pedro Gomes Barbosa is an Associate Professor with Tenure. He teaches at FLUL where he coordenates the scientific fields of Medieval History and Regional and Local History. He is a researcher at Instituto Transatlântico Democrático and deputy director of Arab and Islamic Studies Institute “David Lopes” at FLUL.


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