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ESC#45: Workshop on Visual Literary: Reading Movie Images



ESC#45: Workshop on Visual Literary: Reading Movie Images

Date: 7 - 9 June, 2017
School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon


Duration: 6 hours


4 pm – 6 pm | room 4

Abstract: This course aims to improve participants' ability to "read" and understand images, particularly film stills, by introducing them to analysis and representation skills such as visual literacy and close reading, as well as free writing and reflective/creative writing. It will contain theoretical and practical components introducing techniques that encourage seeing beyond the visual representation, and understanding the individual interaction between object and viewer.

Relationships between patients and caregivers (including health professionals), useful in constructing potential therapeutic partnerships in modern health settings, will be explored.

Lecturers: António Manuel Duarte (UPUL), Cecilia Beecher Martins (ULICES/FLUL), Sofia Barrocas (ISCTE)

Scientific Coordination: ULICES Board of Directors (Teresa Cid, Alcinda Pinheiro de Sousa, Teresa Casal e Rita Queiroz de Barros)

Fees: 40€ regular fee | 15€ students | 25€ faculty and staff

Course contents and aims:

This ESC aims at improving participants’ capacity to “read” and understand images, in particular film stills, by introducing them to visual literacy, free writing, as well as close reading and reflective writing of film stills. Participants will have ample opportunity to practice these skills as well as discuss and compare their different readings. Thus participants will gain insight into their own individual connections with the images in question while at the same time understand how individuals may form diverse connections with and interpretations of the same image.

The techniques explored encourage the capacity to see beyond that which is visually presented. As the stills analyzed explore interactions and relationships between patients and carers (including health professionals), the exercises aspire to assist the construction of a “listening” ear and a deeper understanding of possible therapeutic partnerships in modern healthcare scenarios.


António Manuel Duarte is a member of the Narrative Medicine Project based at ULICES and Auxiliary Professor at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Lisbon where he lectures and researches in the areas of Psychology of Art and Educational Psychology. Cecilia Beecher Martins is a researcher at ULICES and a member of the Narrative & Medicine Project based in ULICES. She lectures in the Department of English Studies at the School of Arts and Humanities, ULisboa. | Sofia Barrocas is a student of the second year of the Master's in Social Psychology of Health in ISCTE. She is currently working as a trainee in the Narrative & Medicine Project based at ULICES.


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