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ESC #35 Intensive Course Creative Writing, from Expression to Action | 1 credit (ECTS)



6 - 15 july [4 p.m. - 8 p.m.]
Venue: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa
Organization: ULICES 

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Abstract: Creative writing emanates from the North-American and British academic context, in particular the Humanities — reading and writing are complementary. Creative writing is accessible to everyone, and vital for knowledge production and introspection, personal development, self-reliance, and social empowerment. Its place in the University assures the renewal of the Humanities and the Arts in their quest for sense/meaning and expression in the world. In this course, we put together creative writing strategies (life writing, poetry games, visual and aural stimuli) with meditation techniques and inputs from dance.

Trainers: Diana V. Almeida,* Isabel Figueira,* Margarida Vale de Gato,* Teresa Casal*
Language: Portuguese
Dates: 4 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Fee: 90 € (students / ULICES: 45 €)
Enrollment Deadline: June 29th



Module I: Pre-writing Activities and Forms of Poetry

Session 1: Free writing, Note-taking and Repetition Forms

Session 2: Reflexive Writing and Poetry Form(ule)s


Module II: Writing the Present: Meditation and Inter-Art Dialogues

Session 1: Breathing and writing in presence

Session 2: Verbal, visual and aural dialogues


Module III: From Body to Writing, Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

Session 1: Rhythm and Expression

Session 2:  Writing as a Self-Knowledge Process


Module IV: Life writing and moments of crisis

Session 1: Crisis, the disruption of assumptive worlds, and the role of narrative in the search for meaning

Session 2: Reading and reflective writing as forms of self- and hetero knowledge


*Diana V. Almeida develops a creative writing project in Museum Colection Berardo; as a therapist and poet, she organizes creative writing and self-development courses (Writing the Heart). She teaches Visual Culture US Art and Literature at FLUL and she is an integrated researcher at ULICES.

*Isabel Figueira teaches Portuguese language and literature. She is also a psychotherapist in the area of expressive therapies, experienced in mental health. She coordinated a post-graduate course in Dance Therapy and Non-Verbal Communication in Universidade Autónoma and she specializes in training on verbal and non-verbal communication and creative expressions.

*Margarida Vale de Gato has published two poetry books, Mulher ao Mar (2010) and Mulher ao Mar Retorna (2013), and the play Desligar e Voltar a Ligar (with Rui Costa, 2011). She translates literary texts from English and French. She teaches at FLUL and researches in ULICES on American Literature and Literary Translation, also an activity she has been professionally engaged in for twenty years.

*Teresa Casal has written (on) illness narratives and co-edited (with Peter Bray) Beyond Diagnosis: Relating Person to Patient, Patient to Person (2014) and (with Isabel Fernandes, Mª Jesus Cabral, Alda Correia & Diana V. Almeida) Contar (com) a medicina (2015). She lectures at FLUL, conducts her research on Irish Studies and Health Humanities at ULICES and is a literary translator.


University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies (ULICES)