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Do You Bowles? Paul Bowles Centennial International Conference

Conference – Concert – Cinema – Exhibition
October 21-22-23, 2010
Venue: Faculty and Rectory of the University of Lisbon

  • October 21-29 – Pirates at Heart exhibition at the Library of the Faculty of Letters
  • October 22 – Movie premiere of You Are Not I, by Sara Driver, at the Portuguese Cinematheque
  • October 23- Paul Bowles Concert at the Orient Museum

To mark the centennial of the north-american writer and composer Paul Bowles, the American Studies research group of the University of Lisbon organizes a multidisciplinary meeting to discuss and reflect on the legacy and work of the author.
Experts on Paul Bowles oeuvre from around the world participate in this event that includes a film screening at the Portuguese Cinematheque with the movie You are not I, by Sara Driver and short documentaries by Javier Martin-Dominguez and Karim Debbagh, followed by discussion; a concert at the Orient Museum with António Rosado, Irene Herrmann, Anabela Duarte and Richard Horowitz, and a biblio-iconographic and videographic exhibition named "Pirates at Heart", in partnership with the University of Delaware, at the exhibition center of the Library of Faculty of Letters.
More info in: Do You Bowles?

Deadline for paper proposals:

  • 250-word abstracts by June 30, 2010, addressed to Anabela Duarte and/or Hermínia Sol This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Suggested Topics:

  • Bowles and Portugal (influences, writings, translations)
  • Paul Bowles and Jane Bowles (interactions/interinfluences)
  • American Existentialism (the Beats, American negativity, dissonance, crime, Modernism)
  • The Maverick Tradition (rebels, individualism/community, Avant-garde, Anti-art)
  • New American Music (trends, aesthetics, fictions)
  • Literature and Other Arts (music, contemporary opera, spoken-word, film music, cinema)
  • Gothic and the Grotesque (American gothic, horror, dark poiesis)
  • Exile (Moroccan fiction/place/culture and travel)
  • Literature and Anthropology (Anarchism, cultural clash; magic/smoking/religion)



University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies (ULICES)