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Rute Júlia Vieira da Rocha Beirante

Research Group: American Studies (RG 3)
Professional Title: Lecturer
Academic Degrees: (2000) First Degree in Modern Languages and Literatures, University of Lisbon; (1997) Master’s Degree in Biotechnology, University of Lisbon; (1991) First Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Lisbon.
Institutional Address: CEAUL - Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa, Alameda da Universidade, 1600-214 Lisboa
E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Research Projects:

  • Preparing a doctorate under the supervision of Teresa F. A. Alves and George Monteiro (Brown University).

Main Achievements:

  • (2008). Annual award of the Melville Society, the Melville Society Cultural Project Fellowship, allowing research work at the Melville Society Archive, New Bedford, USA, Aug-Sep.

Research Outputs

Chapters in books, including contributions to conference proceedings, essays in collections:

  • (2009). “Diálogos que abrem horizontes em The Encantadas de Melville.” In (Ex)Changing Voices, Expanding Boundaries. Évora: U Évora, 279-284.

Creative writing (to the extent that it embodies research):

  • (2009). “Pescador de impossíveis.” In Um rio de contos. Dafundo: Editorial Tágide, 214-217.

Organisation of scientific dissemination activities:

  • (2010). Org. Committee Do you Bowles? Paul Bowles Centennial International Conference, U Lisboa, 21-23 Oct.
  • (2009). Org. Committee Int. Conf. Poe and Gothic Creativity, U Lisboa, 18-20 Mar.
  • (2008). Org. Committee Int. Conf. Narrating the Portuguese Diaspora (1928-2008) International Conference on Storytelling, U Lisboa, 23-25 Oct.

Other activities

Presentations in international conferences

By submission:

  • (2012). “Herman Melville’s Diptychs: Stories Crossing the Bridge Over Troubled Waters.” 12th Int. Conf. on the Short Story in English, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, 26-30 Jun.
  • (2010). “The narrative as border between reality and fiction in Melville’s The Encantadas.” 11th Int. Conf. on the Short Story in English, Toronto, Canada, 16-19 Jun.
  • (2008). “Benito Cereno: Melville’s lonely voice against the slave trade?” 10th Int. Conf. on the Short Story in English, Cork, Ireland, 19-21 Jun.

Presentations in national conferences

By submission:

  • (2012). “Bartleby em Portugal.” Int. Conf. I Would Prefer Not To, U Nova Lisboa, Oct.
  • (2006). “The Inconceivable Man: Melville’s short stories lost and found in translation.” 9th Int. Conf. on the Short Story in English, U Lisboa, 21-25 Jun.
  • (2005). “Melville, Pessoa and the Dialogue of the Silent Scriveners.” Int. Conf. Blurring of Boundaries/Intercultural Dialogues, U Lisboa, 18-20 Oct.




University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies (ULICES)