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Rui Vitorino Azevedo
Research Group: American Studies (RG 3)
Professional Title: Research member / Guest Lecturer at Universidade Lusófona
Academic Degrees: Bachelor of Arts from Clark University (2000)
Institutional Address: CEAUL - Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa, Alameda da Universidade, 1600-214 Lisboa, Portugal
E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Research Projects:

Research Outputs

Publications in peer reviewed journals and/or other publications:

  • (2012). “PenPal in Translation: A collaborative platform for literary translation teaching” (Co-auths: FFAlves, RQBarros, SValdez). The Big Wave. Issue 3.
  • (2010). “Not Quite White: the Ethno-Racial Identity of a Portagee.” Op.Cit. Nr. 12: 19-34.
  • (2010). “The Other in Me: The “In-between” Identities of two Immigrant Autobiographers.” Babilónia: Revista Lusófona de Línguas, Culturas e Tradução. Nr. 8/9: 11-26.

Other research outputs:

  • (2013). Public debate “Translating with Authors: PEnPal workshop – public debate on problems regarding the translation of Luso-American authors into Portuguese” (With MVGato, IOMartins, Frank X. Gaspar and Brian Sousa). Int. Conf. Neither Here Nor There: Yet Both: International Conference on the Luso-American Experience, U Nova Lisboa, 11-13 Jul.
  • (2012). “Pen pals from both sides of the Atlantic.” Mundo Açoriano. Vol. 28: 6 -7. Sep.
  • (2010). “Recalling Memory in Buñuel’s and Darío’s Autobiographies.” Cine Qua Non #3, 66-80.

Other activities

Presentations in international conferences

By submission:

  • (2013). “Variations of the American Dream and the Self-Made Man in Portuguese-American Autobiography.” Exploring the Portuguese Diaspora in InterDISCIPLINARY and Comparative Perspectives: An International Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, 25-27 Jul.
  • (2013). “PEnPAL in Translation: A Process-Oriented Approach to Collaborative Learning and Teaching” (Co-presentation: FFAlves and SValdez). Translation Studies: Centres and Peripheries, 7th Int. EST Conference, Germersheim, Germany, 28 Aug.-1 Sep.

Comunicações apresentadas em congressos nacionais

By submission:

  • (2013). “The Journey of a Lifetime: The Unknown World of Francisco Cota Fagundes.” Neither Here Nor There: Yet Both: International Conference on the Luso-American Experience, U Nova Lisboa, 11-13 Jul.
  • (2013). “PEnPAL in Translation” (Co-presentation MVGato). APEAA: Academy as Community: English and American Studies in Portugal and Europe, U Lisboa, 9-10 May.
  • (2010). “The ‘Imperfect American’: A Quest for the Ethnic/Immigrant Self in Through a Portagee Gate.” 1st Int. Conf. Landscapes of the Self: Identity, Discourse, Representation,
    U Évora, 24-26 Nov.
  • (2010). “Fathoming Twain: Memory and Identity in Autobiography.” Int. Conf. Mark Twain’s Death Centennial, U Lisboa, 8 Oct.
  • (2009). “Not Quite White: Ethnicity or Race in Through a Portagee Gate.” Int. Conf. Post-Racial America: Has the USA Moved Beyond the Race Issue?, U Lisboa, 6-12 Nov.



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