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ESC # 30 Intensive Course Cultures and Management: Practices in Context | 3 credits (ECTS)



22 - 25 June, 29 June and 2 July
Venue: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa and Casa-Museu Medeiros e Almeida
Organization: ULICES

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Abstract: Recognizing the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) as a strategic sector of sustainable development, this course introduces trainees to real-life practical challenges facing cultural organizations nowadays. Based on the knowledge about urban creativity generated in an Anglophone context, we will start by comparing policies, discourses and practices of creativity in the cities of London and Lisbon. In articulation with the Casa-Museu Medeiros e Almeida, and drawing on that benchmark, trainees will create strategic communication and journalistic pieces.

Trainers: Ana Mendes,* Nelson Gomes,* Cristina Baptista,* Paulo Alves*
: Portuguese
: 22 June (from 10am to 1pm; 1pm to 5pm)23 June (from 10am to 1pm)
24 June (from 10am to 1pm; 1pm to 5pm)
25 June (from 10am to 1pm)
29 June (from 10am to 1pm; 1pm to 5pm)
02 July (from 10am to 1pm; 1pm to 5pm)
Fee: 90 € (students / ULICES: 45 €)
Enrollment Deadline: June 15th


The two first modules, comprising 3-hour sessions, correspond to the stages necessary for implementing and managing projects in the final module, and include a visit to the TNDMII in the first session, when trainees will be briefed personally, on-site. The creation process of the participating teams will be mentored by the trainers and the representative from the cultural organization, and the results peer-reviewed by other teams. The final projects will be published online in the Trends Observer platform (www.trendsobserver.com).

Module I: Strategic Specialization

Session One: Ana Mendes, Nelson Gomes and TNDMII representative – Presentation of the course, its format and objectives. Presentation and briefing on-site by the partner institution. (Venue: TNDMII)

Session Two: Ana Mendes – The creative economy. London as benchmark. Culture 2020 and Smart Specialization Policies in Lisbon. Public policies and programmes of promotion of the cultural and creative industries (CCI) sectors. Strategic partnerships (e.g. UNESCO Creative Cities Network).

Session Three: Nelson Gomes – The Chief Culture Officer: cultural management in a business and institutional framework.


Module II: Co-creation and Idea Generation

Session One: Cristina Baptista and Nelson Gomes –

Cultural journalism. News agenda proposals - the canon and the off-canon. Cultural diversity and choices involved in the formation of public opinion. Institucional communication. The cultural agent and the search for visibility.

Session Two: Nelson Gomes and Paulo Alves – Identification of internal and external elements; co-creation in the generation of ideas and innovation.

Session Two: Ana Mendes and Nelson Gomes – Strategy formulation and concept (branding and advertising).


Module III: Creative Solutions and Strategic

Session One: Cristina Baptista and Nelson Gomes – Implementation of journalistic results. Creating journalistic texts and institutional communication contents. From the sources, contacts and information gathering to text creation; from briefing to text creation.

Session Two: Nelson Gomes and Paulo Alves – Implementation of the strategic results (branding and advertising).

Session Three: Presentation of the final projects (journalistic and strategic communication texts) to the cultural organization.

*Ana Cristina Mendes - PhD in English Culture, University of Lisbon, and researcher at CEAUL. Her research interests span postcolonial cultural production and its intersection with the cultural and creative industries. (www.ulices.org/english-culture/ana-cristina-mendes.html)

*Nelson Pinheiro Gomes - PhD in Culture and Communication, University of Lisbon,Teaching Assistant at FLUL and researcher at CEAUL. His research and teaching activities deal with the topics of Trends Studies, Branding and Strategic communication, and Consumer Culture.

*Cristina Baptista - Journalist, writer and researcher of ULICES’s Group 2 (English Culture), and a participant in the project «British Empire. Ideology, perspectives and perceptions», her main field of interest has been the colonial encounter and the arguments of colonialism, and also Victorian Studies. Defended a PHD thesis about three Victorian women and invisibility.

*Paulo Emanuel Alves - MA candidate in Culture and Communication, with a Post-Graduate Diploma in trends Communication and a BA in Communication Design, all by the University of Lisbon. His research and professional activities are related to design and art direction, as well as the study of fashion culture.


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