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ESC # 28 Intensive Course "English for Academic Purposes: Presenting and Lecturing in English"



9-20 June [9h30-11h30]
Venue: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa
Organization: ULICES

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Abstract: The overall aim of this course is to increase participants' oral communication skills for the purpose of lecturing and presenting in English. Questions discussed will include features of academic English, ways of providing feedback and expressing opinions, and demonstrating cause and effect. Significant attention will be given to grammar and pronunciation. The aims of the course will be achieved through a variety of activities such as discussions, role play, oral presentations, grammar and vocabulary exercises, and reading and listening comprehension work.

Trainers: Katarzyna Karpowicz*
Language: English
Dates: 9-20 June, 9h30-11h30
Fee: 80 € (students / ULICES: 40 €)
Enrollment Deadline: May 30th



Session 1:

- Introduction to the course

- Speaking activity: Socialising

- Presenting and lecturing in English - introduction

- Grammar: Word order in English

Session 2:

- Reading + speaking: “Portugal's education lesson”

- Vocabulary: Education

- Grammar: Negatives and questions

- Pronunciation: Long and short vowels

Session 3:

- Reading + speaking: ”Grow old in Sweden, avoid an Afghan retirement”

- Grammar: Comparatives and superlatives

- Functional language: Giving feedback and evaluating

- Pronunciation: /h/ and no /h/

Session 4:

- Reading + speaking: ”Male bosses' bonuses double those of female colleagues”

- Pronunciation: Numbers

- Grammar: Impersonal passive

- Vocabulary: Keep your English up to date - new words in English

Session 5:

- Reading + speaking: ”Food shortages could force the world into vegetarianism, warn scientists”

- Vocabulary: Discourse markers

- Functional language: Cause, reason, purpose and result

- Pronunciation: Website and email addresses

Session 6:

- Reading + speaking: ”Life coaching”

- Grammar: Prepositions (reason for, increase in, depend on etc.)

- Pronunciation: Past Simple -d and -ed endings

- Functional language: Giving examples

Session 7:

- Participants' mini-lectures

- Functional language: Contrast

- Pronunciation: Words commonly mispronounced

Session 8:

- Participants' mini-lectures – cont.

- Vocabulary: Text-referring words

- Course evaluation and farawell

*Katarzyna Karpowicz  has extensive experience of teaching English and presentation skills both as English Language Lecturer at the Department of English Studies, FLUL (since 2009), and as Interpreter Trainer (FLUL 2010-2013). She holds an MA in English from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland, and an MSc Econ in Security and Citizenship from the University of Aberystwyth in the United Kingdom, as well as European Masters in Conference Interpreting from FLUL. She has worked extensively as a conference interpreter.


University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies (ULICES)