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RHOSE 12 | Savia Viegas: “Chronicles of the Native-Land Retold” | 12 de Outubro, 2017 | Anf III | 14h00
Open Lecture


Representations of Home Open Seminar 12

Data: 12 de Outubro, 2017
Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Letras
CEAUL | Representations of Home Project


Savia Viegas is the author of Tales from the Attic (2007) and Let me tell you about Quinta (2011) that delve on Goa’s pre-colonial and colonial past in an attempt to decipher the multiple stands of identity.

The lecture will focus on the major themes of the post-colonial age Savia grew up in. That age pulsated with unhappy memories of people leaving Goa, creating a landscape of locked houses, offering a pre-sentiment embellished often with a thick layer of nostalgia for Salazar and Portugal that laced family conversations. Everything that was good existed in the past, the present dipped into that past for its survival, and the future without this pining for the past seemed futile.

The works under purview make constant references to memories of colonial rule and what they seemingly represented. The big house, a tangible reminder of the colonial/feudal way of life, is a central character in Savia’s fiction. Issues of language, race, gender, and symbolic power create a new narrative for post-colonial Goa, once a powerful but tiny Portuguese colony, and now a tourist state in western India.


Centro de Estudos Anglísticos da Universidade de Lisboa (CEAUL)